Energetic and Motivating

Karen Rogers, Dental Hygienist, 20+
I am a regular runner who runs 3 times a week and do strength training on my own two times a week. I started training with Grace for my upcoming wedding.

After each session even when going in a little tired I felt more energized and relieved of some stress that I came in with. I also have a better understanding of areas where I need to focus more attention to and work on strengthening these muscles.

I like learning about the areas where I was weaker and need to work on strengthening. I also like learning about my posture and ways to improve this. I enjoyed Grace’s ability to motivate and encourage me to continue to push myself.

I felt I learnt a lot and feel encouraged to continue to improve my fitness and challenge myself further in the future.  I will be signing up for more sessions with Grace!
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Correct Form and Variety

John Pippus, Musician, 60+
I'm enjoying my ongoing sessions with Grace. I like the variety of exercises and the way Grace pushes me to do each one correctly. Hard work but I've never felt better.

Grace is very focused on posture correction and helped improve my muscle balance which enables me to be more actively engaged in life. She takes a well rounded approach to fitness.

I feel like my core and my body are much stronger than ever before. I like how she has a variety of exercises that always keep me testing new muscle groups, and going from a 'no pack' to my very FIRST 'two pack' is encouraging. Six pack here I come!
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Knowledgeable and Accountable

Lindsey W., Fashion Distributor, 30+
I feel Wayyyyyyy better after I started with Grace! I actually can get up in the morning to do a little cardio and almost look forward to it! Also, it has enabled me to not have to go to my osteopath as my back doesn't hurt as much at work anymore.

I love how knowledgeable and detailed Grace is, I like that she didn't try to get me to do too much cardio at first (she took "baby steps"; with me, but it still made a huge difference). I also like how she makes us promise to work out a certain number of times before our next session, which really helps me make sure I go to the gym!
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Great Energy and Great Examples!

Jason Phillips, Entrepreneur in Fashion Industry, 30+
When I first started with Grace, I was borderline obese. After my 1st week of training with Grace, I felt my body coming back to life with a new energy and I experienced a dramatic decrease in my stress level. Now, not only am I achieving my goal of losing weight, but also gaining muscle mass and transforming my body!

Working out with her is hard work but fun, and I never get bored! She has a very unique strategy that enables me to experience an immediate positive difference mentally and physically and keeps my programs dynamic and challenging. She has great energy, and has a warm and caring personality. Now, I am addicted to being fit and healthy.

Grace has helped transform my life! I look forward to every single workout session with Grace and I have never felt better!
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Caring and Professional

Jane Young, Retired Teacher, 60+
My experience with Grace has been one of being in the care of a dedicated, well trained, knowledgeable personal trainer. Her attention to my personal requirements has been incredible. She designed an individually tailored program to meet my needs.

On a personal level, I feel that Grace is my friend, which encourages me to work hard on my own, even when I don't want to go! You take a personal interest in my well being, and take my questions and concerns seriously.

On a professional level, I am very impressed with how knowledgeable and hard working you are. You clearly know your subject well.
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Genuine and Kind

Peter S., BioTech Engineer, 40+
Thank you for your genuine kindness and professional approach to starting me on my way to becoming fitter.

Grace is an excellent trainer; full of love and enthusiasm for sharing with her clients. I am grateful to have been exposed to such an amazing woman who continues to inspire me daily. Her training style is fantastic as she has an excellent knowledge of the human body.

She genuinely care about her clients and Everyone could do with experiencing a fitness package with Grace.
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Fast Result and Never Boring

Michelle Kelly, Owner of an Optometry Store , 20+
I've never enjoyed going to the gym until I met Grace. Now I am looking forward to her sessions! My experience of working with her has been a wonderful experience. My body has changed quite a bit in the 1st month!  I've lost more than 1"  each from my waist, hip and thighs!  I felt more energetic after my 1st session with Grace that even my boyfriend noticed it.

Grace is very professional with high level of knowledge. She is great at knowing when to push me and when I could injure myself. She is very friendly and has great energy. She motivates me to push myself.

Sessions with her are never boring with so many different techniques. I like the cardio and weight training intervals, and I feel more challenged that way. I also like how she focuses on improving my posture.

Vancouver Personal Trainer

Effective and Efficient

Kevin Rak, Owner of Pinnacle Tents , 50+
Before I met Grace I was a typical gym rat working mostly arms and chest with the long walk around rests in between. After initial assessment,  Grace encouraged me to work out my core and legs for overall posture and strength. Now my routines comprise both strength and high intensity functional training allowing me to fit more sets into my routine - improving my posture, balance and overall health.

Also, I had a history of some pain associated with a rotator cuff and Grace provided guidance and a routine to strengthen surrounding muscles to eliminate the pain.

I am super impressed with Grace's training method. Anyone can benefit from her training!
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Individualized and Organized

Jelena , High School Principal , 50+
I started to go to the gym right before I hired Grace. I was so discouraged not seeing the results. I felt a great connection with Grace when I first met her. I love her energy which is very motivating and encouraging.

She taught me to be aware of correcting my posture, and how important it is to my well being. She combines aerobics and strength training together which challenges me and helps me experience my results faster. Time just flies when I train with her.

Grace is very cheerful and positive. She knows when to push me, and challenge me. She designed programs for my physical body and goals. She is also well prepared and not having me wait around for next exercise so I can keep moving.

Vancouver Personal Trainer

Great Customer Services

Peter Marquart , Pilot of American Airline , 50+
I am a pilot, so my schedule is quite hectic. Grace is very accomodating and always tries her best to fit me into her busy schedule.

Every session with her is a killer workout, but I have fun every step of the way. I feel so refreshed after the training and it is addictive. Time goes so fast when she trains me. My overall health has greatly improved. I am also more aware of my posture. I'm stronger and even my flexibility has improved.

Grace is easy to work with and always keeps me motivated. She is very hands-on and always makes sure I perform correctly. The bottom line is, if you're willing to work hard and want results I wouldn't hesitate to hire Grace.
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Fun and Challenging

Michelle W. - Senior Partner of a consulting firm, 40+
Michele H. - High school teacher and social worker, 30+
Fitness Grace has been such a motivating and rewarding opportunity for us. It's amazing how my energy level has increased and I have noticed such a difference in my overall fitness strength and flexibility.

Grace has shown me proper techniques to improve balance and posture, especially focusing on my core strength. Her hands-on coaching skills and motivating encouragement are a huge reason why I am closer to my overall health, fitness and weight goal. I have lost 15lb in 3 months, and am no longer borderline obese.

I am recommending Fitness Grace to anyone who desires a one-on-one focused, attentive, knowledgeable and wonderful personal trainer!
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Motivating and Dedicated

Robert Murray - Retired, 70+
I am very positively impressed about the changes Grace has brought to me. I began by describing my goals. I presented her with the constraints of my chronic disease and my wish to not proceed too rapidly to improve my condition. Grace accepted these constraints and proceeded to work within them.

Her adaptation to my needs and wishes has been flawless. She has been constantly attentive to my limitations. She has a sense of humor. She is bright, motivated and always dedicated. I feel very fortunate to have Grace as my personal trainer.

I see the need for guided exercise, but in the past have not been really much motivated to do it. I find that exercising with Grace is motivating in itself. It has been a pleasure for me to write this evaluation. I wish her all the best going forward in developing her career.
Vancouver Personal Trainer

Meticulous and Hardworking

Beverly Belanger - Flight Attendent, 50+
I've been having chronic back pains for a couple of years now. Working out was difficult because I was always afraid of re-injuring or making it worse. However, I wanted to remain active as well as lose weight especially before my 50th birthday.

I found Grace's flyer three weeks before my birthday and reluctantly contacted her. I am so glad I did! She is very conscious about my chronic pain, and developed a program series that slowly but surely strengthened my core.

The work outs were varied and never boring. I can't do a lot of high intensity aerobic moves due to my lower back pain, but I still managed to achieve weight loss in a very short period of time. When Grace came to my 50th birthday party I had lost 5 lbs! I was SO excited! To torture me more;-), Grace gave me a workout kit as my birthday gift so that I can workout on the road.

She went that extra mile to help improve my back pain and provide a better quality of life. Thanks Grace!
Vancouver Personal Trainer
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